the friends

Almost everyone knows who Martin Luther King, Jr. was. But not many people know who helped him, worked with him, and were his friends. In the coming months you can learn about these Friends of Martin Luther King, Jr​:

  • Ralph & Juanita Abernathy
  • Harry Belafonte
  • James Bevel
  • Xernona Clayton
  • Dorothy Cotton
  • Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis
  • Walter Fauntroy
  • Dick Gregory
  • Dorothy Height
  • Norris Herndon
  • Jesse Hill
  • Jesse Jackson
  • Mahalia Jackson
  • Sullivan & Richie Jackson
  • Alfred Daniel King
  • Coretta Scott King
  • John Lewis
  • Joseph & Evelyn Lowery
  • Otis Moss, Jr.
  • James Orange
  • A. Philip Randolph
  • Bayard Rustin
  • Fred Shuttlesworth
  • Albert Turner
  • C.T. Vivian
  • Wyatt Tee Walker
  • Hosea Williams
  • Andrew Young

Jacqueline James with C.T. Vivian in 2008

Jacqueline James with Reverend Shuttlesworth's granddaughter.

Jacqueline James at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge
where "Bloody Sunday" took place 50 years ago.