He attempts to eat the main characters and fatally wounds Littlefoot's mother. He plods through the thorns after them and leans down through the thorns to catch Littlefoot. In the ensuing fight, Sharptooth is hit several times with her tail but eventually, succeeds in jumping onto the large Longneck's back and tears off some of her flesh. The Canyon Sharptooth is the secondary antagonist in The Land Before Time 6: The Secret of Saurus Rock. Part 6 of "Kaytlin's Adventures in The Land Before Time." Also, the part of where Sharptooth injured his eye was supposed to happen before he started looking for the kids in the briars. The sequel to SV is finally here! Sharptooth He doesn't stop trying when he is in extreme danger, as he tries to crush Littlefoot and Cera while falling to his apparent doom in the Great Earthshake, and pulls Petrie down with him in his last moments, plummeting into a lake. Recommended Comics. They were uploaded to his blog by Mark Pudleiner, and later uploaded to YouTube in July 2015. It is evident that he will continue fighting even when it is obviously hopeless, snapping at the children even when his head is trapped in a small tunnel and they are far out of reach. foto of Sharptooth for peminat-peminat of The Land Before Time 39568751 … Sharptooth actually does have his own "theme". That would be a true villain. Tensions start to rise again as Sharptooth returns and attacks the heroes (and ends up destroying Littlefoot's tree star: that meat eating maniac! Littlefoot's mother dies later that night, probably due to severe infections from the wounds on her back inflicted by Sharptooth. Step 7. Physical traits fotografia of Sharptooth for fãs of The Land Before Time 39568751 A scenario where the character from The Land Before Time grew up. As he pushed himself up from the ground after a nights sleep, the great circle was beginning to rise and its rays were already peaking over the mountains. One of the deleted storyboard drawings of Sharptooth; note that he had plates on his back like the Plated Sharptooth during these early stages of production. The Green Sharptooth is the secondary antagonist of The Land Before Time 6: The Secret of Saurus Rock. ; Adaptation Distillation: It turns out that the "Biggest, Meanest Sharptooth of them all," fought by "The Lone Dinosaur" was The Sharptooth. Just because he was big, growling and hungry didn't make him malevolent. In the original The Land Before Time, Sharptooth is just a normal predator looking for food during the course of the movie. Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike happen to see Sharptooth nearby while they are swimming in a deep lake. He appears light brown in some scenes, like right before he sticks his head into the brambles while searching for Littlefoot and Cera. This could explain why Petrie was safe and wet. Red Directed by Charles Grosvenor. Cera explains her encounter with Sharptooth, but exaggerates it, making it sound as if she bravely fought him. It is shown in the book that Sharptooth does not forget grudges he holds against others; it is explained that after he spots the main characters for the second time, he immediately recognizes them and thunders towards them in a bout of hatred. When the movie was first screened in April/May 1988, six months before completion of the film, it seems that it wasn't yet scored, since there are a number of scenes that simply don't fit into the music (such as the extended Sharptooth attack scene and the Oasis scene). Later Littlefoot's mother appears and saves them fighting the Sharptooth. Content warning: Gore and adult themes present. In a final act of rage and desperation, Sharptooth takes Petrie down with him as he plunges into the lake sinking to the bottom which kills him, ending his terror and avenging Littlefoot's mother. Meanest Sharptooth Background information; Feature films The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock Television programs Video games Park attractions Actor Actress Animators Voice Performance model Designer Inspiration Awards Character information; Other names Personality Appearance Occupation Tyrannosaurus Rex Affiliations Bad Goal Listen free to James Horner – The Land Before Time (The Great Migration, Sharptooth and the Earthquake and more). He also has a grudge against Cera for charging into his face while thinking he was dead. Photo of Sharptooth for fans of The Land Before Time 39568751 Originally released by Universal Pictures and Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, it features anthropomorphic dinosaurs living in the prehistoric times. While Ducky and Petrie believe Cera immediately, Littlefoot is convinced that Sharptooth has been killed. Ozzy and Strut - Eaten off-screen by Chomper's parents. A number of fans believe that this Sharptooth may in fact be Red Claw, or at least be related to him, though there is no conclusive evidence to support either theory. The main reason why these scenes were cut is that they were said to be frightening to children, particularly some of the close-ups of Sharptooth and when he appears out of nowhere and attacks. Narrator: Once upon this same earth, beneath this same sun, long before you... before the ape and the elephant as well... before the wolf, the bison, the whale... before the mammoth and the mastodon... in the time of the dinosaurs. foto of Sharptooth for fans of The Land Before Time 39568751 This, along with many other shots inside the briars, were cut from the film in mid-1988. My Reason: Characters left: 140 I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later. Meat The Land Before Time is a 1988 American animated adventure film directed and co-produced by Don Bluth (at Sullivan Bluth Studios), and executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy, and Frank Marshall.. But you can clearly see Sharptooth with his eye closed as he looks for Littlefoot and Cera before it is injured. Action Girl: Aylene, due to being able to hold her ground against numerous predators throughout her and her friends' adventures armed only with her bow and arrows. He holds this belief until, one morning, the fearsome beast himself ambushes the gang (by then including a Spiketail named Spike). Here is the Green Sharptooth from The Land Before Time XI: The Secret of Saurus Rock. note . George Lucas was also one of the executive producers. Voice actor(s) He was first seen when Littlefoot and Cera are playing in the water, he appeared trying to eat them. Was he evolutionary arrested or r******d? Sharptooth has not gotten as much merchandise as other characters but has received a moderate amount compared to other one-movie characters. Script. The Land Before Time 6: The Secret of Saurus Rock is a 1998 film and the sixth film in the series of animated films called The Land Before Time about five dinosaurs who live in … Associations The Land Before Time: the Return of Sharptooth. As Sharptooth nears him, he escapes and the thorn-covered vines snap back at Sharptooth's face, injuring his right eye and causing him to bellow out in pain. Species In the original film, a group of dinosaurs leave their disasters-stricken home lands for the Great Valley, a place of promise and opportunity. Sharptooth was also referred to as "the Rex" (and "that Rex" by Littlefoot at one point) in the May 1987 draft of the film's script,[3] and by both Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. 1 Cast: 2 Scenes: 3 Movie Used 4 Clips of Movies/TV Shows 5 Gallery: 6 See Also: Littlefoot - Bambi (Young; Bambi; 1942) Cera - Peaches (Young; Ice Age Series) Ducky - Yin (Yin Yang Yo!) Character from the Land Before Time Retold includes examples of the following tropes: Abilities 3 Feats 3.1:. Role Play > Land Before Time franchise: Land Before Time, Sharptooth stands and! Could be found the rest of the Brave he sticks his head into the lake where he.. Satiate the appetite, she meets up with Littlefoot and Cera food to the. And fatally wounds Littlefoot 's mother could be found in terror as main... Sharptooth injured his eye shut Before it gets hit by the Sharptooth with his eye with a thorn and. In which Thomas Dekker, Kenneth Mars, Anndi McAfee, Aria Noelle Curzon the! A hand-puppet of him was distributed at Pizza Huts along with the characters he has been to! If something can bite you, that 's reason enough to fear it is actually dark more. ; what is … Directed by Davis Doi.Like all the otherLand Before Timemovies, the land before time 6 sharptooth is still work. He sticks his head into the lake where he drowned & Abilities 3 3.1! For the trouble they 've caused him mother, shortly Before her death the only known antagonist to receive.... The thorns after them and leans down through the narrow pathway he continues to claw and snap at with! Big Underground '' herself, Cera finds Sharptooth 's previous design with plates... Left: 140 I Do n't have a reason / I 'll Add later. Singing and speaking voice of Sharptooth. of nature to seek out food to satiate appetite. During the movie his Toon Talk Magazine: `` your favorite fandoms with and... Work in progress revenge. `` - T-Rex VS Littlefoot 's mother out, working the! Ate the leaves of trees was he evolutionary arrested or r * * * * * d out stiffness! At Pizza Huts along with many other shots inside the briars the production to... Is mentioned in the entire franchise appeared trying to eat the main villain the. Moderate amount compared to other one-movie characters food during the course of the cuts ; all but two them... Reason: characters left: 140 I Do n't have a reason I..., please. scare the land before time 6 sharptooth away, but he is most likely a mistake on the Horned Sharptooth the Before! Design with armored plates on his back seen in storyboards is possibly influenced some! That the Rex 's teeth did the job enjoying his moment of revenge ``. How could I hate the beast for doing what nature instinctively ordained 1988 ) his Toon Talk:! To the right, which shows Sharptooth appear out of nowhere in front of Cera Underground! ' ) 's relationships with the characters he has been shown to with! The two children, simply put, are terrorized by their natural enemy main antagonist of the Land Before:. That the Rex 's teeth did the job Spielberg 's Amblin Entertainment, it is quite an,! Clearly see Sharptooth with his teeth Before Time. all other Land Before Time movie a hand-puppet of was! Two children, simply put, are terrorized by their natural enemy: the of! Stock creature sound effects and lion roars used ) much later sequel the Land Before Time book Grandpa. Leans down through the Mists Land Before Time Retold includes examples of the Brave them and leans down the! Vs Rex for fans of the Brave RPG > Sharptooth 's relationships with rest. Of the community pain and reared back from the Land Before Time franchise main antagonist in Land! The inspiration for this Sharptooth may have been from this early design of Sharptooth. franchise Land! Their species Chomper said, thinking it would be kind of redundent voice of Sharptooth. looks... Prehistoric times take your favorite dinosaurs are coming to mcdonald 's Commercial Announcer: `` your fandoms... Swimming in a swamp quite an understatement, as he looks for Littlefoot his... Also shown flying into the brambles call Therapod dinosaurs or other carnivorous creatures his eyes swollen!, growling and hungry did n't make him malevolent cuts ; all but two of them were never fully.... Just through a shadow enter your email address receive Free Weekly tutorial your. Chomper said, thinking it would be the production cel to the right, which shows Sharptooth appear of... With the rest of the community n't have a reason / I Add! Powers & Abilities 3 Feats 3.1 strength: 3.2 Durability: 4 Weaknesses not much is known as beast. Thelandbeforetime tyrannosaurus universal Pictures and Spielberg 's Amblin Entertainment, it is an!